3 Tips For Identifying Belts That Match Your Suits

It is quite unfortunate that some individuals diminish belts to a strap of leather that holds up one’s pants, which is a total misconception. The reason is that those who believe that perfection is in detail will prioritize wearing a belt with their suit.

You need to understand that the belt you put on with your suit has a direct impact on your overall look and is as important as the shoes you opt for or the pattern of your suit fabric. So, how do you choose the perfect belt to match your suit? Here are some tips worth considering.

Opt For Shoes And A Belt Of The Same Shade

Most probably, you may be wondering how you can match a belt to your suit. Well, you are not alone because this is one of the most disturbing questions in the minds of most individuals.


First and foremost, you need to understand that your focus, in this case, should not be primarily on the suit you put on, but instead, it should be on the shoes and belt you choose.

As such, the next time you are preparing to head out, ensure the belt and shoes you plan to wear auger well. In other words, you need to match the shade of your belt with that of your shoes. For instance, if you plan to wear a pair of brown wingtips, you should opt for a brown belt.

If you will be on black oxfords, then a black leather belt will be the preferable option.

Consider The Size Of Your Belt

It is natural for you to want to put on a belt when you see the belt loops on your pants, even when the pants are fitting. That is the case if you have a habit of wearing a belt or you like the look of it on your suit. As such, insight into your proper belt size should be the next thing worth focusing on.

If you want to identify the right size of belt, take your off-the-rack pant waist size and add an extra size. For example, if the pants you wear have a 36 waist, you should go for a 38-sized belt. When shopping for belts, you will realize that most of them have five holes.

In that case, a good rule of thumb is that you should use the third or middle hole when trying on a belt. In case you have some belts that are a little too big for you, shortening them is advisable.

Differentiate Between Dress And Casual Belts

Understanding the difference between a dress suit belt and a casual one is critical if you want to identify a belt that matches your suit. The first thing you need to check is the buckle of your belt. Usually, a dress belt is 1 ΒΌ inches wide with a plain single buckle.

On the other hand, if the buckle is oversize, the design is unique, or it features a fancy character, then that belt is a casual one.

Any belt that is wider than the size of a dress belt will automatically be for casual wear. Additionally, belts that come in woven fabrics and ostentatious belts with such patterns like a crocodile or ostrich in the middle are ideal for either a suit or casual outfit. In the case of leather, a dress belt will be the slick finished calfskin variety.

The bottom line here is that you should choose the right belt for every occasion.


First impressions matter, and the way you dress speaks a lot about you. Adopting the tips above will not only make you comfortable as you step out in that suit, but will also enhance your appearance.

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