4 Ways To Fold A Pocket Square

There are many ways that a stylish pocket square can complement your outfit, and it is not just down to the color and pattern – even the unique way that you fold it can say a lot about you. There are many ways to fold a pocket square, and here is just a small selection of the methods you can use to help your pocket square stand out even more.

1. The Presidential Fold

This is perhaps the easiest fold to get out of your pocket square, but it serves a purpose – the elegance of this fold works wonders for business events. It will show that you are stylish but not ostentatious.

To get this fold, simply fold the pocket square in half. After this, fold in the bottom half to whatever length you desire. We recommend you base this on the depth of your pocket; the aim is for roughly a quarter-inch of the square to be visible, so even this easy fold can go wrong if you don’t know how to display it.

pocket square

2. The One-Point Fold

This fold is simple yet relaxed, befitting both your most business-ready suit and your more casual formalwear. 

To get this particular bend, fold your square diagonally to make a triangle. At the shape’s base, fold the bottom two corners inward. Make sure to fold them equally, at roughly the same width as your square – it should look like an open envelope. You are now ready to tuck it in, though the triangle at the top should be all that is visible.

3. The Two-Point Fold

The Two-Point fold is an interesting deviation from the previous One-Point Fold. It allows for added complexity as well as a dynamic flair – all without sacrificing formality. 

Fold your square diagonally, but make it slightly off-center so the overlapping triangles are both clearly visible. The bottom two corners of the resulting shape are again folded inward at the same width as the square. Once more, only the top of the shape should be visible when you tuck this in – and in this case, it will be the overlapping triangles on display.

4. The Scallop Fold

This particular fold is somewhat less formal than the others, making it perfect for celebratory events where the mood is due to be high. The Scallop Fold is an apt configuration for both solid color and patterned squares but shines best when used with silk.

A good Scallop is more complex than other forms. First, fold your flat square diagonally down the middle, then fold it again in half – it should look like a small triangle at this stage. Lift the square, while gently bending each of the doubled corners inward. These folded corners should be the star when you tuck the completed square into your pocket.

There are many ways to diversify the pocket square and in fact many more beyond this article. At MH Custom Clothiers, we offer many bespoke services to ensure that your first impression matters. 

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