4 Ways To Improve Your Fall Style

Even though it does not seem like it, fall is right around the corner. Most people probably have not even begun to plan their fall wardrobe. Or, you may have a fall wardrobe but feel like you are lacking in the style department. Never fear! Here are four ways you can improve your fall style, and easily transition from one season to the next!

1. Wear Colors That Compliment You

Have you ever tried on something and thought it just didn’t match your skin tone or hair color, or made you look tired or washed out? That’s because there are certain colors that flatter certain skin tones, eye colors and hair color. If you don’t already know what colors flatter you, you can have an image consultant analyze you, or analyze yourself using a style textbook or an online quiz.

There are also specific colors that should be worn during the different seasons, and you can pick the shades that are most complimentary to your skin from these. The best shades for fall include rich, warm, medium to deep colors.


2. Find An Alternative To Jeans

Jeans are a common staple for fall because of their comfort level and their dependability to mix and match with most of your wardrobe. However, denim skirts are a great alternative to jeans for fall. You can wear the skirt barelegged, or with a thin pair of tights in the warmer part of fall. When it really starts to cool off, add a thicker pair of tights, like cable knit.

Leggings are also a great alternative to jeans. Wear an over-sized tunic, or a lightweight blouse topped with a chunky cardigan. Some leggings, called jeggings, have a texture like jeans but are stretchy. You can wear these with pretty much anything you would wear with jeans or pants.

3. Add A Statement-Making Jacket

There are so many styles of jackets and cardigans out there, so it’s not hard to end up with half of your fall wardrobe being composed of jackets alone. It’s okay to have a variety but try not to go overboard. The best thing to do is to get one statement making piece that will go with most of your wardrobe and has the added convenience of helping you transition a lot of your summer pieces into fall.

Some examples include: a cargo jacket with a cinched waist, a leather jacket, a military style blazer or a neutral toned trench coat.

4. Boots

A good-quality pair of black and/or brown boots are an autumn staple everyone should have in their closet. Boots go with everything from skirts to jeans to leggings to dresses. Boots are also great transition pieces. Add a pair of knee-high boots and a leather jacket to your favorite summer dress and you have an all-new fall-ready look.

If you have questions about getting your wardrobe fall ready, or if you are interested in more fashion tips in general, contact us today!