5 Signs You’re In A Poor-Fitting Suit

Making a great first impression matters, and it’s your appearance that’s assessed first of all. That’s why the fit of a suit can make or break future relationships with employers, colleagues, and friends. 

A well-fitting suit speaks volumes about your sense of personal responsibility, propriety, and respect. A poorly fitting one, on the other hand, screams neglect. So, don’t make the mistake of settling for a poor-fitting suit, and read on to find out 5 signs that tell you’re in one now.

1. Your Shoulders Feel Too Tight Or Too Loose

On a properly fitted suit jacket, the shoulder pads will line up neatly with the end of your shoulders. The shoulders of the jacket should feel as though they’re comfortably hugging onto your shoulders. If the shoulders fit too tightly, you’ll get what is known as a bite, or divot at the back of the sleeve head. If they fit too loosely, you’ll suffer from shoulder sag and look as if you’ve been swallowed up by the jacket. Unfortunately, the shoulders of a suit jacket are difficult for tailors to fix. It’s best to avoid the issue from arising in the first place, and try a different size or go bespoke. 

2. Your Sleeves Are Too Short Or Too Long 

Awkward sleeve length is an obvious sign of a poorly fitting suit. Sleeves that extend too long or fall short distort the overall look and proportion of the suit. Ideally, the sleeve of the jacket should measure 1/4″ to 1/2″ shorter than the sleeve of your shirt, allowing you to show just the right amount of shirt cuff. Luckily, sleeve length is easy enough to fix. If a jacket’s right in every way except the sleeves, you can buy it and have the sleeves altered by a tailor without much fuss. 


3. Your Trouser Legs Are Too Short Or Too Long

Trouser legs that come up too short or puddle around your shoes make a poor impression. Too short, and you’ll look somewhat silly with exposed ankles. Too long, and you’ll look shorter than you actually are. Unlike sleeve length, however, trouser length can be trickier to fix. The entire line of the pant leg, which should fit cleanly around the thighs and narrow towards the bottom, can be jeopardized. Overly long legs can be taken to a tailor to be hemmed or taken in, but it’s best prevented by getting a custom-tailored suit. 

4. Your Jacket Chest Gapes

The chest of a suit jacket should neatly conform to the shape of your own chest. It should not appear to bulge outwards or sag open, creating a gap between the jacket and the chest. If this occurs, it’s a sign that the jacket is too tight or that the shoulders are poorly fit. Chest gapes and breaks can be difficult to tailor, so try switching sizes first or consider getting a suit jacket custom-made instead. 

5. Your Trousers Have A Tight Or Sagging Seat 

A properly fitting seat should be molded comfortably to your bottom. If it appears saggy or feels like they might split whenever you stand up or sit down, you’ll want to seek help from a tailor. Tailors can fix the problem fairly easily if the seat is saggy, but if it’s too tight, you may just want to go a size up. 

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