5 Wardrobe Staples Every Business Professional Should Own

The way you look plays a significant role in your success in the business world, as you want to make a great impression from the get-go. In order to assemble your perfect business wardrobe, we’ve put together a list of 5 essential items you’ll need.


The first and most important thing that every business professional needs to have in their wardrobe is a well-fitted suit. If you have a limited budget, you can buy a suit off the rack, but if you have the financial means, a custom suit will fit you like a glove and will make you feel much more confident and professional. Ideally, you’ll have several suits in your closet that you can rotate, but if you pick the right designs, they will last you for many years to come without falling out of style.

Oxford Shoes

Many men spend the majority of their clothing budget on choosing expensive suits, shirts, and ties, but if they’re not paired with the right shoes, your entire business outfit won’t make the right impression. Perhaps surprisingly, your shoes will be one of the first thing people notice about your outfit, so it’s important to pick the right pair when you’re pitching ideas or attending meetings. Whether you purchase a pair of Oxfords or wingtip shoes, you should make sure that you store and polish them properly so that they look brand-new at all times.

Dress Shirts


If absolutely necessary, you could survive in the business world with one great suit in your wardrobe, but it’s essential to have several different dress shirts to choose from. Ideally, you would have a collection of custom dress shirts to fit your body type, but if this isn’t possible, you could always find shirts straight off the rack that come in a variety of colors and fit you properly. From basic white cotton shirts to yellow and blue shirts, you can change your look completely by making this simple change.


Just as you’ll need a variety of dress shirts to choose from, having a selection of ties in different patterns and colors can completely change your look. Ties are also significantly more affordable than shirts, so you can build an impressive collection of them and never wear the same one for more than two days in a row. Be careful and make sure that your ties have a professional pattern on them, however, and don’t ever wear a novelty tie in a professional environment!


Socks might seem like an insignificant part of your wardrobe, but they are a key part of tying your entire look together. You can purchase socks in a huge range of colors, patterns, and fabrics, and can use them to show off a bit more of your personality as they won’t be seen for the majority of the time. Finding pairs of quality socks to match your outfit will show the people that you meet that you are the kind of business person that cares about every single detail.

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