5 Ways To Match A Watch With A Suit The Right Way

More than a way to tell the time, watches are statement accessories that can complete an outfit. Taking care to integrate them cleanly into the rest of your ensemble is the smart thing to do. How you wear your watch with your suit matters, so here’s what you can do to make sure you hit the mark. 

Read on to find out 5 ways to match a watch with a suit the right way. 

1. Match By Color 

For guaranteed success in styling a watch, stick to a color scheme. Monotone simply works when it comes to coordinating your timepiece and your suit. A black watch strap, for instance, is the perfect match when you’re wearing a black suit and black shoes. This is especially the case if you are dressing for a more formal event, like an elegant dinner or important business meeting. Keep your watch minimal in color and design, and you’ll do just fine by the dress code. 

2. Match By Strap

The material of the watch strap is a great starting point for your outfit. Match leather with leather, and metal with metal. Pick out a watch strap, belt, and shoes all in brown leather for a perfectly unified outfit. Or, try coordinating the metal strap of your watch to other metal accents in your outfit, like belt buckles and rings. Creating these visual echoes will help tie the outfit together. To free up your options and open up more room for variety, consider purchasing interchangeable leather bands. 


3. Match Your Watch To Your Shoes 

Cultivate balance in your appearance by matching your watch with your shoes. Go for the same shade of leather, or mix-and-match your leather shoes and metal watch straps by tone. Shoes in black, gray, and blue tones are best paired with silver watches, while shoes in warmer tones of brown, beige, and tan are better complemented by gold watches. 

4. Match Your Watch To Your Other Accessories

Honor the shape, finish, and detailing of your watch by matching it with your other accessories that share the same features. These might include belt buckles, shoe buckles, cufflinks, rings, and collar or tie bars. You could even choose your watch based on its angularity, for example, you could match a square watch to a square buckle, or a round watch to round cufflinks. This kind of attention to detail is a fail-proof way to elevate your ensemble. 

5. Match By Size 

When you’re picking out a watch to go with an outfit, be sure to consider its size. Smaller, thinner watches with thin leather bands go well with tuxedoes and formal suits as they are easy to slip on and off the suit jacket. Watches with a bit more heft are more suited to rolled-up sleeves or roomier jackets at casual events. Following these rules will assure that your watch and suit look in proportion, in sync, and in style. 

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