A Style Guide For Fall Weddings

If you’ve received an invite to an autumn wedding, recognize it for what it is – the opportunity to get decked out in your most festive fashions. With leaves in full-blooded flame and romance in the air, fall is a perfect time to play with colors, fabrics, and textures. 

So, revel in the season, and find out how to pull off autumnal style with our handy style guide for fall weddings. 

1. Reflect The Season In Your Palette

A dark suit with black shoes will always be in style, but why not add a little more zest to your outfit? Autumn is the perfect time to match your ensemble to the abundance of colors around you, dress code permitting. Take inspiration from the foliage with garments in red, yellow, orange, and brown, and opt for darker versions of these shades like burgundy, oxblood, burnt orange, and chocolate. Navy and olive green can also work particularly well. These warm earth tones and jewel tones pay tribute to the season and make for beautiful ensembles. 

fall weddings

2. Play Around With Patterns 

Fall weddings often have a hint of whimsy, and you can play into it by playing around with patterns. While a fully patterned suit will probably call too much attention to yourself and away from the groom, you can incorporate subtler patterns and prints into your outfit. Checks, plaids, tartans, stripes, and florals can all be worn in darker tones on blazers. As always, don’t mix and match patterns too much, or you may overcomplicate your look. 

3. Embrace Richer Fabrics 

As they’re sitting at a turning point in the year, fall weddings are a good opportunity to break out transitional or formal fabrics that you otherwise might not have the chance to wear. Fabrics like tweed, flannel, corduroy, and velvet are just right for adding old-school elegance to your outfit while also keeping you warm. A wool suit is more conservative but high in luxury and gravitas. Consult the groom if you’re in doubt to stay faithful to the desired aesthetic. 

4. Lay On The Layers

Layering is absolutely key in the colder months, and fall weddings are no exception. To stay warm, wear a vest that you can keep on or easily remove as you see fit. Try pairing a tweed jacket with a wool vest, or a sports jacket with a scarf. You can also stay true to the season with cashmere sweaters in jeweled hues. Consider the venue and time of day when you’re putting together your ensemble, and dress appropriately. 

5. Treasure Your Accessories 

Accessories are a way to show your personal style and flair without fear of out-pea-cocking the groom. Work patterns and brighter pops of color in through accessories like scarves, bow ties, and pocket squares. You may also want to consider changing up the fabric in your tie if the ceremony is casual enough – cozy cotton or knit tie is an easy way to add personality to your look. 

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