Black Or Brown? How To Decide Which Shoe To Wear

It’s not that hard for women to pair up which shoe to wear with their outfits; women’s shoes come in a variety of colors and patterns that they can easily match with their outfit of choice. However, men’s shoes don’t exactly come with the same level of convenience as women’s shoes. Besides tennis shoes, the main color choices for men’s shoes, especially dress shoes, are black and brown. But how do you know if you should wear black shoes or brown shoes? Does it really matter? It does matter, and the following guide will help you determine which shoe to wear with what outfit on which occasion.

When Should You Wear Black Shoes?

You should wear black shoes when:

• You are going formal. Black is always the most formal choice. Black is best for weddings and other occasions you would wear a formal suit.
• You are wearing a dark-colored suit. IF you are wearing a darker colored suit such as charcoal grey, midnight navy, or black then you should wear black shoes.
• You want to be taken seriously. Black shoes are a quality choice. If you are attending a job interview, funeral, or wedding, then you should definitely plan on wearing black shoes!

You should NOT wear black shoes with lighter colored suits or trousers, seersucker patterns, or jeans.

When Should You Wear Brown Shoes?


You should wear brown shoes if you are:

• Going for a more casual look. Brown shoes are a dependable option. They aren’t as formal as black shoes, so they are the best choice for casual dress.
• Wearing jeans. Brown shoes go best with blue jeans.
• Wearing light colors or earth tones such as khaki, olive green, navy, brown, light gray, or anything neutral.

Also, what you are wearing can determine what shade of brown you should wear. If you are going to a wedding, but suit and tie are not required, then you should wear darker brown shoes. Medium shades of brown are perfect for work attire or casual weekend attire. The most causal shade of brown is tan, so the more relaxed the setting, this would be your go-to shoe to wear.

Brown shoes are also more versatile than black ones. Your choices are limited when it comes to what shades and styles of clothing that you can wear black shoes with. However brown shoes can be mixed with a variety of styles and shades of trousers and shirts. You can even pull off a medium or light shade of brown dress shoes with khaki shorts!

Furthermore, the number one rule you should always remember with brown shoes is that you cannot wear them with black. Ever. If you are wearing a black tuxedo or suit, you must ALWAYS wear black shoes.

If you are still unsure about which shade of shoe to wear, or if you are interested in more style tips like the ones above, contact us today!