Do I Really Need A Tailor Made Suit?

Getting a tailor made suit may seem like an unnecessary indulgence. It can certainly be more than pricey, and you might be wondering if it’s quite for you. But anyone in the know will argue rather passionately that a tailor-made suit has a level of luxury and care that simply isn’t present when you purchase a suit off-the-rack. Tailoring is an art, and having a suit made to your exact preference is akin to investing in a piece of wearable art just for you.

Here Are Some Reasons Why You Might Really Need A Tailor Made Suit:

If You Want To Make A Good Investment

A high-quality, custom-made suit can be an investment for the long run. Crafted out of quality fabrics and made to last, it will hold up under wear far better than cheaper suits. It will also prevent the additional wear-and-tear that comes with wearing a suit that’s not quite streamlined to your proportions. A quality tailor will make sure that there are no major design faults or flaws, and that you get your money’s worth on a tailor made suit.

If You Prefer A Perfect Fit

tailor made suit

Many customers find that off-the-rack suits are already a suitable fit, and this may often be the case. Others will argue that there truly is no substitute for a suit precisely measured and tailored to your own individual body. Consider your particular needs and standards. It may be worthwhile to find a tailor especially if you have a physique that is more unique and challenging to shop for.

If You Know Precisely What You Want

Say there’s a vintage design you want to emulate or a specific color you just can’t find in a style you like. Seeking out a tailor can be very useful in this kind of situation. Especially if it’s for a special occasion, or for a personal project, it can be an avenue you’ll want to pursue to maximize the creative control you have over your tailor made suit. Working with a tailor will allow you to personalize the suit to a considerable degree. You can select from a wide range of quality fabrics and customize details from the width of the lapel and the number of buttons down to the vents and the cuffs.

If You’ve Done Your Research

If you’re willing to make the investment, why not take the next step and do some homework on exactly what kind of suit you want? Before making an appointment with your tailor, make sure you know at least the basics of tailoring terminology and suiting construction. You’ll want to be able to communicate your preferences clearly and have an informed discussion with your tailor. Come prepared with ideas about what kind of tailor made suit, fabric, and fit you want. Do you prefer wool, mohair, or flannel? Is it a two-piece or three-piece suit you’re looking for? These are questions you’ll want to have answers ready for so that you can make the most of your time in the shop with your tailor.

It always pays to get great advice when choosing a tailor made suit – so talk to our expert team at MH Custom Clothiers.