Everything You Need To Know About The Pocket Square

It is funny how a little piece of fabric can make such a difference in a man’s wardrobe. While it may not seem like the biggest consideration when buying a suit or a tux for a formal event, you don’t want to neglect the pocket square. Today we are giving this men’s fashion accessory its due and covering everything you need to know about pocket squares.

The Basics Of The Pocket Square

The concept of this accessory is simple. It is any cloth that is nestled into a breast pocket of a jacket, but this small flourish can make a big impression. For example, a pocket square is not a handkerchief. It is not meant to have utility but rather to be purely decorative much like a necktie. For some men, they might have even worn these without even knowing what they are. However, it is this very lack of utility that makes a pocket square a true fashion statement.

pocket square

The Rules Of Pocket Squares

It may be surprising to hear that there are certain rules that govern the wearing of this accessory, and this is especially important at formal events such as weddings or holidays. For example, it is considered bad taste to match the color of the square to that of a tie. Rather it should be matched to a complementary color that does not clash or draw attention to itself. It is also considered somewhat conservative or overly safe to have the color match that of the jacket, although in some situations a monochrome look might be called for.

It is also important to fold the cloth in such a way that lays flat and does not create a bulge or make the shape of the pocket noticeable. It is easiest to discover this when fitting the jacket rather than trying to fit it in later.

Some Fun Aspects Of The Pocket Square

If you wear a pocket square regularly, you may find that you get tired of it the same way you don’t want to wear the same tie every day. How you fold the square can add a lot of personality to its wear and reflect your current mood. Certain folds may say something such as “This presidential fold means business” or “This three-point fold is ready to party.” You can also experiment with different patterns, such as vertical stripes or paisley, that can mix a bit of fun into an otherwise drab wardrobe.

Your choice of fabric may also be a way to personalize your square, as a silk pocket square will have a completely different texture and appearance than one of wool or linen. The possible combinations are limited only by your imagination and the ingenuity of your tailor.

If you are in the market for a pocket square or any other sharp piece of luxury clothing, we have a treasure trove of information on how to make an unbeatable impression. We pride ourselves on providing quality luxury goods with convenience and full dependability. Contact us today for more tips and tricks.