Finding The Perfect Shirt Cuff Style

There are various types of cuffs, as is the case with your shirt collar. Although there is a tendency to overlook this, it is worth considering because it helps to define your dress shirt style.

Shirt cuffs are among the few parts of your shirt that remain visible when you put on your suit jacket. Over and above personal style, formality sometimes calls for one cuff style over another.

Let’s take a look at the different cuff styles available and outline how and when you should wear each one.

Two-Button Cuffs

If you want to add a lovely touch of difference to your wrists, then the two-button cuffs option will be ideal. The stacking of a two-button cuff is vertical, which is not the case with the twin buttons of a single button cuff. As you can expect, this setup lends itself to dressier ensembles.

That makes it the right choice when you want to make a style-conscious and modern impression without the formality of cufflinks and French cuffs.

Rounded Cuffs

Swapping the square cuff’s fine point for a gently curved arc is possible with rounded cuffs, which present a classic and versatile style. That ensures that the appearance of these shirt cuffs is polished and easy on the eyes.

Rounded cuffs are not attention-grabbing, yet they have a solid finish that works with or without a jacket. As such, rounded cuffs are a dependable addition to your wardrobe.

shirt cuff

One-Button Cuffs

One of the cuff styles you are likely to find wherever you turn is the single button option, making it the most conventional choice. Unlike what its name suggests, a one-button cuff, in the real sense, has two buttons – the second button sits adjacent (horizontally) to the first.

The second button acts as the circumference button for adjusting the cuff’s width so it can accommodate your watch when necessary. If you want a more conservative cuff style choice that is more or less universally acceptable on barrel cuffs, the one-button option will be the most suitable.

Square Cuffs

If you like the straight, clean lines of modernism, square cuffs will prove an ideal choice. Square cuffs are a classic sleeve staple featuring sharp, right-angle corners that look equally smart on a convertible, barrel, or French cuff. The default look of most bespoke, off-the-rack, or made-to-measure dress shirts is square cuffs.

Angled Cuffs

The most striking shape of cuff is the angled cuff option, which is also known as a mitered cuff. Boasting of neither a point nor an arc but rather a diagonal edge, the angled cuff adds a dash of panache to your wrist. If you want a modern and crisp shirt cuff style option that stands out, angled cuffs will deliver accordingly.


If you follow the points above, you do not need to worry about having a weak shirt cuff game anymore. Also, note that off-the-rack shirts may not allow you to use your desired cuff, so opting for a customized dress shirt is a wise idea in this case.

It always pays to get great advice when choosing a shirt cuff style – so talk to our expert team at MH Custom Clothiers.