How To Properly Care For Your Suit

A good-quality suit is a precious thing, crafted with artistry and concern for longevity. The way you care for your suit should reflect the level of thought that went into its making. Follow these steps to keep your suits safe and clean for years to come, as they deserve.

care for your suit

Daily Maintenance

The most important step of all is to care for your suit on a daily basis. Don’t wear a suit more often than twice a week, or you’ll tire it out and shorten its natural lifespan. Allow the fabric some time to breathe, just as you would treat a living creature.

Before and after wearing your suit, brush it with a good quality suit brush, preferably one made with natural animal hair. Start at the shoulders and work your way down, slowly brushing in downward strokes. This will remove dust and dirt from the threads while also restoring the natural fibers and luster of the fabric. You may also use a lint roller if you prefer.

Use a steamer instead of a dry iron to prolong the life of your suit. Or, if you’re often in a hurry, try this simple trick of hanging your suit in the bathroom while you take a hot shower. The steam from the shower will help decrease the suit and give it a crisp new look.

Washing Well

Dry-cleaning is best for suits, but don’t overdo it. Take your suit to the dry-cleaners no more than once every two months, or the frequent treatment will degrade its natural fibers. To keep your suit clean and care for your suit in the meantime, stick with spot-cleaning. Just use water and a soft towel on small stains. Seek out a trusted dry-cleaner for getting rid of more serious stains or unwanted smells. But be warned — don’t have your suit dry-cleaned more than six times a year, or you’ll start to see signs of damage.

Proper Storage

Choose the right coat hangers for your particular coat. Make sure to match its size to the size of the shoulders and take care to drape the suit jacket correctly so as not to deform its shape. Avoid using thin or sharp hangers, and go for plastic hangers with rounded edges or wood hangers whose contours fit the shape of your suit.

Store your suits in garment bags to protect them from the threat of dust and moths. Always choose cloth bags over plastic or canvas bags, as the cloth material is much breathable. Hang your suit with both sides open for a day or so to air out before putting it into a bag, leaving the zipper slightly open. In addition, it is important to give your suits plenty of room to drape properly. Packing them too closely will cause them to wrinkle. You want to allow them enough space for air to circulate and prevent the build-up of humidity.

When putting your suit away for the season, make sure to dry clean it first and then store it properly.

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