The 3 Best Tips for Suit Alterations and Tailoring

Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. Those who know they look good, often also feel good. This improves confidence, health and could improve your relationships or make you become more hirable. This is especially true when it comes to having a suit that fits you well and flatters your body type. There are some things that people should know when it comes to suit alterations and tailoring, such as…

Don’t Do It at Home

Perhaps the most important tip is to not attempt to alter your suit at home. This is true even if you’re capable of smaller alterations like hemming pants. Quality suit alterations and tailoring aren’t something that most people can do at home, so it’s always best to hire a professional. It’s easy to make a mistake when attempting at-home alterations, especially as suits are cut and constructed in a unique way. It’s much more cost-effective to hire a professional tailor than replacing a suit due to faulty tailoring.

Size Up


Another important tip to consider when looking to have a suit altered or tailored is what type of suit to buy. Most off-the-rack suits don’t fit right, which is why it’s important to have the garment tailored. When purchasing a new suit that you’re looking to have tailored, it’s best to size up. Suit alterations are easier to do when there is more excess fabric to work with. This is because it’s always easier to cut fabric, rather than add it.

Consider the Material

Not all fabrics are equal to one another. It’s important to consider the fabric which the suit is made of if you’re buying a suit with the idea that you’ll need to have it altered. For instance, silks tend to be harder to alter, while cotton is the easiest. Of course, your tailor will be able to handle just about any fabric, but for best results and the fastest turnaround time, it’s smart to consider the type of fabric the suit is made of.

One of the main benefits of tailoring is that it can make an inexpensive suit look expensive and custom made, this means that no matter what quality fabric you choose, the suit will look high-quality after the tailoring services are complete. Tailoring offers the ultimate convenience and dependability rather than trying to find a sit that fits perfectly off-the-rack.

Get a Suit Tailored Today!

Having your suit altered isn’t as expensive or as complicated as it may seem. At MH Custom Clothiers, we provide tailoring and altering services that will not only increase the longevity and dependability of your garments but will also improve the quality. Come see what we have to offer, our team is ready to make your fashion dreams come true. The best part? We ensure the entire process is not only easy and stress-free but enjoyable also.

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